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Take Pictures

Instead of counting calories and entering in endless amounts of data, just snap a picture of your meal before you eat to track your diet.

Get Feedback

After you take a picture of your meal, it goes out to a health-conscience community who will rate how healthy it is. The community ratings are translated into points, so the healthier you eat, the more points you get!

Download Pictrition

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Be Social, Win Rewards

See who is eating the healthiest through our leaderboards and follow what they are eating to learn about new healthy foods. Make groups and compete against friends and family, or just yourself. Use your points from eating healthy for tangible rewards from our healthy partners sent right to your email.

  • “ This is an effective and fun way to start eating healthier. I recommend it to my patients! ” Dr. Bernardo Olaya MD
  • “ Finally, a place for all my food pictures! The app is beautifully designed and simple to use. ” Prettyfoodie - User Review
  • “ It’s official – I love this app, I couldn’t be without it now. ” Brian Johnson - Holistic Trainer